HN Series Nozzles for use with the Metcal HCT-1000 Convection Rework System. The nozzles fit applications reworking a wide range of components and component sizes, including (but not limited to) BGA’s, QFP’s, LGA’s, PLCC and SOIC.

Nozzle Measurement & Selection:

The Nozzle Part number represents the size of the component. 2mm has been added to each side of the nozzle dimension to allow for component access.

Listed are our most popular nozzles, others are available on request.

– HN-B0707 – 7MM X 7MM
– HN-B1010 – 10MM X 10MM
– HN-B1809 – 18.2MM X 8.5MM
– HN-B1818 – 18MM X 18MM
– HN-B3232 – 32MM X 32MM
– HN-B1414 – 14MM X 14MM
– HN-B2519 -24.5MM X 18.5MM

Weight N/A

10 x 10 mm, 14 x 14 mm, 18 x 18 mm, 18.2 x 8.5 mm, 24.5 x 18.5 mm, 32 x 32 mm, 7 x 7 mm


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