BOFA’s FumeCAB 600 is a bench top, fume cabinet, extraction system designed for a wide range of low to medium applications such as soldering, rework, adhesives application, potting and dipping and more. The FumeCAB 600 encloses the working area on all three sides and over the top with an open front, both containing fumes, allowing it to be drawn away from the operator and increasing extraction efficiency. Fumes generated from hand soldering and solvent use, are vented from two vents at the rear of FumeCAB 600 enclosure and drawn through the filtration system.

The FumeCAB 600 includes bright LED strip task lights to fully illuminate the working area and a 2 x 75mm connection hoses for easy connection to an extraction system. With the introduction of the HSG258 code of practice, partial enclosures are steadily becoming the preferred option for operator protection from fumes generated from processes such as hand soldering, solvent use and other processes that produce harmful fumes.

This Fume Cabinet is designed to work alongside the BOFA V600 (sold separately or as a kit).

Unit Only System (P/N: 30351595-1209-7) Contains:
– FumeCAB 600 Powder Coated Fume Cabinet (A1020128)
– 1.5M 75mm Flexi Hose (A1080020)

Unit with V600 (P/N: 3076617-1238-2-FUME) Contains:
– FumeCAB 600 Powder Coated Fume Cabinet (A1020128)
– V600 Powder Coated Extractor Unit
– BOFA Pre-Filter (A1030119 ) and Combined HEPA/Gas Filter (A1030118 )
– 1.5M 75mm Flexi Hose (A1080020) x 2

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied as Unit only or with V250 Extractor (30351595-1287).
– LED strip light
– The hood enclosure on the fume cabinet is 540 x 315 mm.
– Strong rigid construction
– Supplied with 2 x 1.5 m of 75mm flexible hose
– Powder Coated Finish

Weight N/A

FumeCAB Only, With V600 (HEPA/Gas)


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