AIM WS716 is a halogen- and halide-free, alcohol based, organically activated, rosin-free, water soluble liquid flux designed specifically for wave solder applications. WS716 is the liquid version of the WS-477S1 series solder paste. Though designed for application via foam fluxer, WS716 may also be applied by automated flux sprayers, dipped, or brushed on with favorable results. WS716 is a buffered flux with a wide activation range and exceptional wetting characteristics that produce bright shiny solder joints. WS716 performs well with bare copper, solder coated, and organic coated pwbs. Since WS716 flux is still active post-processing, all residues must be removed after soldering.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Halide-Free
– Rosin-Free
– Phosphate-Free
– Same Chemistry as WS477S1 Paste
– Can Be Foamed, Sprayed, Brushed, or Dipped
– Excellent Wetting
– Wide Process Window
– Enhanced Activity Level
– Foam Resistant Residues
– Available in Industry Standard Sizes

AIM’s Product Range available from the Solder Connection throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland only.

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