TSC CleanPro 40 is a high-performance cleaner for fast, easy removal of burnt on flux residues from equipment such as Reflow Ovens as well as PCB Tooling including Wave and Selective carriers.

TSC CleanPro 40 should be sprayed onto the areas to be cleaned, preferably when warm up to 50 deg. C. Residues can then be allowed to soften and dissolve. Any very heavy residues should be agitated with a suitable brush whilst applying the cleaner with repeated applications if required for very heavy burnt on flux deposits. The dissolved residues are then either rinsed or wiped away with water. Best avoid prolonged contact with painted finishes.

TSC is supplied in a 1L Trigger Spray Bottle. Also available in bulk 5L Containers on request. For Bulks sizing contact our sales office for a quotation.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Solvent based aprotic formulation which is free of CFC, HCFC, HFE, or ozone depleting ingredients.
– Formulation is non-volatile, non-flammable, low odour, and low toxicity for maximum safety in use.
– Versatile application – removes burnt on hardened flux residues from all types of metals and Plastics.
– Low VOC content and low vapour pressure, ozone friendly.
– Bio-degrades and rinses or wipes away completely with water.

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1L, 5L


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