TSC 920 Flux is water based and classified as a non-corrosive flux as it does not contain Zinc chloride. This flux is ideal for soldering all coppers and brasses, especially if parts are to be subsequently painted as with many engineering models, and is also suitable for any brass radiator work including new builds or repairs on vintage car restoration projects as any flux residues can be simply washed away and will not cause long term corrosion within the fin tubes. The addition of propriety wetting agents enhances the capillary action of the solder across the metal surfaces. The flux does not easily carbonise and will not leave any unsightly black residues normally found in similar fluxes. An excellent all round flux.

This product has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture.

TSC 920 is also available in Bulk container sizes, 5L and 10L. Please contact our Sales Office for a quotation for these container sizes.

Key Products Features & Benefits

– Zinc chloride free – ensuring inert non-corrosive post soldering residues.
– Suitable for hand-work – Low free acid content.
– Non-carbonising – Will not leave solid or oily black residues.
– Medium life at temperature – Will stand reasonable time of heating and is suitable for radiator baking where welded tubes are used with very high efficiency baking ovens.
– Concentrated – Use straight from container. Most operations require flux at full strength. If dilution is required water is recommended.

Weight N/A

10L, 125ml, 1L, 250ml


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