Screenclean 500 is a high performance aqueous based cleaner for fast, effective removal of solder paste and uncured adhesive residues from laser cut stencils and associated tooling within the printing process. It can also be used in removal of solder paste residues from misprinted printed circuit boards. Because the formulation is free from any surfactants, it does not degrade in use, is completely non-toxic and has a neutral PH value. Following final rinsing you will not see any evidence of foaming or any white residues.

Depending on preference and application, Screenclean 500 is available as both concentrate (5L Container) or pre-diluted (20L Container) ready for use formats. This is mainly dependent on the type of cleaning system being used and the residues to be removed. Please contact our Sales Office for a quotation for these container sizes.

Key Product Features & Benefits

– Powerful cleaning action with the comparable cleaning performance to that of solvent chemistry but with the environmental advantages of aqueous cleaning solution.
– Wide range of process applications from manual, batch through to fully automated screen cleaning systems
– Will not foam or leave white residues after rinsing.
– Environmentally safe, free of all Surfactants, Inorganic salts, and Halogenated Compounds.
– Classified as an Ultra-low VOC content
– Fully Bio-degradable.
– Economical in use. Low cost of ownership
– Low odour and non-flammable.
– Excellent compatibility with Screen and Stencil frame adhesives.
– PH neutral formulation.


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