Replacement filters for the BVX-100 Series Extraction Systems (BVX-101 & BVX-103).

FM-BVX Main HEPA Filter efficiently filters fumes, particles and vapours, and is ideal for applications with heavy soldering or adhesive applications with activated carbon to remove additional gases.

FP-BVX Pre Filters are compatible with both the BVX-101 and BVX-103 Extraction Systems. This part is supplied as a pack of 5. We recommend that the pre-filter be inspected weekly and replaced if required. This will ensure a good life for the main filter and prevents over heating of the extraction motor.

FG-BVX Deep Bed Gas Filter is ideal for applications where there is heavy cleaning with solvents or conformal coatings.

Product Options:

– FM-BVX: Replacement HEPA Gas (Carbon) Filter for BVX-101
– FP-BVX: Replacement Pre Filter for BVX-101 / BVX-103 (Pack of 5)
– FG-BVX: Replacement Deep Bed Gas (Carbon) Filter for BVX-101 / BVX-103

Weight N/A

Gas Filter, Main Filter, Pre-Filter


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