Qualitek Delta RMA200 62/36/2 Solder Wire is a lead-based solder wire incorporating a 2.2% RMA flux chemistry within the core. RMA200 has been formulated for use in high reliability electronic assembly applications, including Aerospace & Military, where pure rosin core does not provide fast spreading and wetting action; and activated rosin residues may be electronically less reliable.

Post solder residues of RMA200 solder wire are highly insulative and deemed non-corrosive. If post solder residues removal is required we would suggest the use of Qualitek Everkleen 1005 cleaner.

This part is a Tin/Lead/Silver Leaded Solder wire, supplied in a variety of diameters on a 500g reel.
To view this wire in other alloys including lead-free click here .

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied in Tin/Lead/Silver 62/36/2 Alloy
– Supplied on a 500g Reel
– Melting Temperature – 179°C
– Rosin Based Flux Formulation (2.2%)
– Excellent wettability
– Non-corrosive, non-conductive residues
– Meets J-STD-004B
– Flux Classification: ROL0

Weight 0.60 kg


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