Qualitek Low Melt Point Solid Solder Wire is designed as a lead-free alternative for Sn/Pb alloys for electronics assembly operations. With a solder alloy of Sn48 / Bi58 and a melting point of 138°C, LMP Solder Wire is ideal for soldering of temperature-sensitive components.

The Tin/Bismuth alloy conforms and exceeds the impurity requirements of J-STD-006 and all other relevant international standards. This is a solid wire, so a suitable flux is required. For electronic applications look to use Qualitek 381 flux or PF670 flux gel to promote increased rapid wetting. This wire is packaged as a 500g box.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied in Tin/Bismuth (42 / 58) Alloy.
– Supplied as a boxed quantity of 500g (Boxed not reeled)
– Low melting point, prevents thermal degradation of heat sensitive components.
– Acceptable wetting & flowing characteristics
– Prevents thermal damage to heat-sensitive devices
– Not recommended for handheld devices due to Tin Bismuth brittle element (Products that can be subject to drop-shock)
– Designed for Printed Circuit Board assembly (temperature-sensitive component soldering)
– Low to non-toxic lead-free solder

Weight N/A

0.8mm, 1.2mm


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