Metcal offers several MFR upgrade kits to expand the capabilities of your soldering system. The Metcal MFR-UK1 Solder Cartridge upgrade kit includes an MFR-H1-SC2 Cartridge Handpiece and an WS1 AutoSleep Work stand . This upgrade kit is compatible with all MFR 1100 & 2200 Series Soldering Systems .

The MFR-H1-SC2 Cartridge Handpiece is a lightweight and slim handpiece works well with fine-access soldering and pad clean-up blade tips. The MFR-H1-SC2 handpiece uses Cartridge Tips, which are ideal for easy access and includes a full range of cartridges including SMD rework. Whilst these are slightly more expensive than Solder Tips, they incorporate the heater coil within the cartridge itself reducing the need for replacing the coil, as well as the tip. In addition, there is a wider range of cartridges available when compared to tips.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Compatible with MFR Series Soldering Systems
– Includes MFR-H1-SC2 Handpiece and WS1 AutoSleep Work stand . Power supply not included.
MFR-H1-SC2 Handpiece is compatible with SxP Tips & RxP Cartridges
– Power Supply/Tips/Cartridges not included.

Weight 1.32 kg


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