Metcal offers several MFR upgrade kits to expand the capabilities of your soldering system. The Metcal MFR-UK2 Solder Cartridge upgrade kit includes an MFR-H2-ST2 Tip Handpiece and an WS1 AutoSleep Work stand . This upgrade kit is compatible with all MFR 1100 & 2200 Series Soldering Systems .

The MFR-H2-ST2 Tip Handpiece uses Solder Tips/Blades. Solder Tips are a lower cost option; however, they do not incorporate a heater coil which is instead a consumable element of the handpiece which will need replacing periodically.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Compatible with MFR Series Soldering Systems
– Includes MFR-H2-ST2 Handpiece and WS1 Work stand . Power supply not included.
MFR-H2-ST2 Handpiece is compatible with SxV Tips & CxV Cartridges
– Power Supply/Tips/Cartridges not included.

Weight 1.32 kg


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