ESD anti-fatigue mats are a great flooring solution to provide comfort for prolonged standing, while offering protection against ESD.

Anti-fatigue mats can help prevent general tiredness of the feet and back. These mats help to improve health and safety in the workplace by reducing cramps, circulatory problems and general fatigue. An anti-fatigue mat will help to keep your leg muscles moving, encouraging better blood circulation which minimises the effects of fatigue. The rubber material offers comfort, leading to better morale and productivity. Whilst anti-fatigue mats reduce health dangers, they also act as an anti-static floor mat by providing protection for operators when working with static-sensitive devices.

The mat’s rubber material offers a tough, durable, long-lasting floor surface. Its yellow edging helps to further enhance the mat’s visibility and health and safety qualities. The surface working layer is resistant to most oils and acids, it is solder splash resistant and has non-slip finish for user safety. These mats are ideally suited to be used in conjunction with already grounded flooring. Other sizes available on special request.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Rubber material.
– 20mm thick.
– Improves health and safety. Prevents general fatigue so you can safely work.
– Offers tough, durable, long-lasting flooring.
– Extra comfort for prolonged standing.
– The surface layer is resistant to solder splashes and has a non-slip finish.
– Diamond pattern surface prevents slipping.
– Tapered edges to avoid trips.
– Available with yellow safety border so workers are aware.
– Compliant to ESD, CE, RoHS and REACH standards.


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