The HP350D Solder Dipping Pot is a circular, bench-top pot, ideal for the reliable control of solder temperature in a range of manufacturing environments. Typical uses of the HP350D include tinning the ends of wire leads, pre-tinning electrical parts, re-tinning soldering iron tips and dip soldering printed circuit boards.

The HP350D has a temperature range that is suitable for both Leaded and Lead-Free solders, reaching a maximum temperature of 450°C. The internal pot dimensions of the HP350D are 114 x 51mm (Diameter x Depth). The pot incorporates a digital temperature control, accurate to +/- 5°C.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Capacity: 4.5 Kg/Pb
– 400W Power Consumption
– Temperature Range: 450°C
– Internal Pot Dimensions: 114 x 51mm (Diameter x Depth)
– Digital temperature control to +/- 5°C
– Suitable for Leaded and Lead-Free solders

Weight 9.90 kg


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