HCA10 Premium High Comfort ESD Wrist-Straps are designed to be worn in an ESD working area and to be used for personnel grounding in conjunction with a coil cord. These straps are made from a woven fabric band, lined with conductive silver yarn. The conductive woven fibres are silver for maximum conductivity and minimum skin irritation. The band has an elastic ratio of 1:2.5″ to 1:3″. The outer surface is non-conductive and the inner surface of the strap is conductive. The plastic parts of the wrist strap are made from a static dissipative nylon material.

The soft fabric material provides comfort for the wearer, allowing the strap to be worn for an extended amount of time. The strap is fully adjustable and has a curved buckle for comfort. For free-sized wrist band, total length of exposed band shall not be less than 200.0mm. Or the flattened length must be 4 to 4.5 inches. Unlike many other wrist straps, our premium ESD wrist strap is made with a double thickness material giving outer layer insulation for complete operator safety. Standard colour is light blue.

Key Features of Premium ESD Wrist Strap:

– Material: R-10 woven fabric band and lined with conductive silver yarn
– Conductive woven fibres are silver for maximum conductivity and minimum skin irritation
– Plastic parts material: Static dissipative nylon
– Suitable for ESD working areas
– Comfortable, can be worn for an extended period
– Fully adjustable strap
– Curved buckle for added comfort
– Double thickness of material
– Standard colour is light blue
– Metal back plate is made of hypo-allergenic jewellery grade stainless-steel as standard
– 10mm stud as standard, 4mm/ 7mm available on request
– Compliant according to the IEC 61340-5-1 International Standard

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