Metcal’s CV-H1-AV is an Advanced Soldering & Rework Handpiece, compatible with CV Series Soldering Systems. The CV-H1-AV Advanced Handpiece for Connection Validation incorporates an LED light ring that removes the risk associated with determining a good solder joint. The CV-H1-AV complements and standardises the skill of the operator to judge the quality of a solder joint. This handpiece is also backwards compatible with Metcal MX series power supplies.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Compatible with CV Series Soldering Systems
– 72″ Handpiece cable
– Helps to determine a measurable standard when soldering
– F type power RF connector, 6 pin DIN LED power connector
– CV-H1-AV handpiece is compatible with CVC & SMC Cartridges
– Cartridges not included.

Weight 1.32 kg


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