The Metcal BVX-ARM-K1 kit is designed to link up to the BVX-200 Series Extraction Systems. The flexible arm on top of the work surface is made of black ESD safe plastic at 50mm diameter and a length of 760mm. The spiral rolled duct can tightened to increase stiffness and ensure precise positioning.On the underside of the bench clamp is 1.8M of flexible hose which will connect up to the BVX-200 fume filtration unit.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Suitable for use with the BVX-200 Series Extraction Systems
– 50mm Ducting with 40mm nozzle
BVX-ARM 760mm Flexible Arm
– Complete with BVX-CH01 1.8M Connection Hose and a BVX-TB01 Table Bracket with C Clamps

Weight 2.42 kg


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