BR5 is a double ended, inexpensive antistatic brush for cleaning static sensitive assemblies and components. This brush allows the safe cleaning of ESD sensitive assemblies without generating any harmful static charges.

This double-ended applicator brush has 0.010″ anti-static, static dissipative Nylon bristle. One end has a flat trim, and the other end has an extra-stiff chiselled trim. The handle is made of lightweight zinc-plated steel. This brush is manufactured using strong mechanical clamping for maximum fibre retention and is adhesive-free to prevent contamination on surface areas caused by leaching.

This high-quality brush has a trim of 3/16″ at the tapered end and 1/4″ at the flat end. The handle dimensions are 4-1/2″ length x 3/8″ diameter and has a brush width of 1/2″ flat. This brush has a maximum use temperature of 225°F and is a great alternative to hand-trimming acid brushes.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Round, lightweight, zinc-plated steel handle.
– Brush Length: 127mm. Brush Width: 10mm.
– Both Bristles (H/W/L): 6 x 10 x 14mm.
– Manufactured with static dissipative Nylon bristle.
– Includes a flat trim and an extra-stiff chiselled trim.
– This antistatic brush is approved to BS EN 61340-5.

Weight 0.01 kg


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