BOFA’s DustPRO 250 (DP250) Dust Extraction System is an efficient dust and particle extractor designed for a variety of industrial applications including routing, mechanical engraving, grinding, and turning. The DustPRO 250 includes a large capacity (6.4L) bag filter and a HEPA fine particulate filter for an additional layer of filtration and increased filtration efficiency to 99.997% at 0.3 microns. This dual filtration system makes the DustPRO 250 ideal for extracting small, light dusts.

The BOFA DustPRO 250 has low cost, highly effective filters and can be connected via various accessories to equipment and machinery.

One of the main problems identified with other dust extractors relates to the pump/motor. Most have brushed motors which are noisy and frequently burn out, with an average life of around 800 hours. The pump used in the DustPRO 250 is brushless and designed for continuous running for long periods of time before servicing (minimum 30,000 hours). Brushless motors can dramatically reduce break downs and maintenance costs, significantly increasing your value for money.

Unit Only System (P/N: 30351542-1609) Contains:
– DustPRO 250 Unit (230V)
– BOFA Bag Filter (A1030241 ) & BOFA HEPA Filter (A1030287 )

Other Options & Replacement Parts:
– For the replacement pump/motor please see A1050014 .
– The DustPRO 250 can be supplied with a 24v Stop/Start function (180851542-1609). Please contact our Sales Office for a quotation for this option.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied as Unit Only as standard
– Brushless motor for continuous running
– Filters with long life and low replacement cost
– Small Footprint & Low running costs
– Quiet Operation
– Compact, Lightweight, Easy to Move
– Uses a BOFA 6.4L Bag Filter (A1030241 ) & HEPA Filter (A1030287 )
– Powder Coated Finish

Weight N/A

Unit Only, With Stop/Start


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