BIOACT SC-10E Stencil Misprint Cleaner is a fast-drying solvent that effectively removes flux residues and uncured SMD adhesive, as well as acrylic conformal coatings and tape residues. Based on a mixture of organic solvents for non-aqueous cleaning typically in pcb batch cleaning equipment it will also effectively clean and removes all types of SMT solder pastes and uncured adhesives from SMT stencils and both cured and uncured conformal coatings such as silicon and acrylic from printed circuit board assemblies.

The SC-10E cleaning fluid will evaporate completely with no additional rinse required and very little odour. The addition of forced air jets will shorten the drying time. Can be used effectively for a wide range of electronic process cleaning applications from stencil cleaning, both automatically under stencil roll and manually on top side, together with cleaning wave solder pallets & conveyor fingers, SC-10E will remove most silicone and acrylic coatings, both cured and uncured, from printed circuit boards and spray equipment. The fluid will easily and safely remove flux residues left after hand soldering during rework and repair.

Key Product Features & Benefits

– Available in 5L and 20L containers: Price on Application
– Effective cleaner at Ambient temperatures
– Stencil cleaning and non-aqueous batch cleaning
– High solvency sorter process time low cost of ownership
– High flux loading longer bath life
– Non corrosive
– Fast evaporation
– No rinsing required
– Effective across a wide range of electronic applications.
– Flash Point – 52°C


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