BOFA’s A1050024 Replacement Pump is for use with BOFA V1000 IQ , AD 500 iQ, AD 1000 iQ, AD 1500 iQ & DustPRO 1000 iQ Extraction Systems.

Also known as a motor, the A1050024 is a replacement pump for the BOFA V1000 IQ, AD 500 iQ, AD 1000 iQ & AD 1500 iQ Laser Extraction Systems and DustPro 1000iQ Dust Extraction System. It can be easily replaced in the event of a failure, maintaining health and safety for safe working conditions and operating efficiency.

This part is supplied as an individual replacement pump/motor.

Compatible Systems:
BOFA AD 500 iQ
– BOFA AD 1000 iQ
BOFA AD 1500 iQ
– BOFA DustPRO 1000 iQ

Weight 20.00 kg


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