419D Overcoat Pens apply an acrylic coating that cures to a durable, flexible, and smooth finish. It functions as both a solder mask pen and a conformal coating pen. It is easy to apply, and the coating can be handled in 10 minutes. It may be removed with appropriate strippers or soldered through for repair or rework.

This pen can be used to repair scratches and chips in permanent solder masks, to touch up areas missed during conformal coating applications, or to repair conformal coatings after replacing isolated components. It can also be used to protect conductive pen traces.

419D Overcoat Pens are available in four colour options: Black (419D-P-BK), Clear (419D-P-CL), Green (419D-P-GR) and White (419D-P-WH).

This product is also supplied in a 55ml Bottle, 340g Aerosol & 945ml Can available here..

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Comes in a variety of colours – Black, Clear, Green, and White
– Also supplied in 55ml Bottle, 340g Aerosol & 945ml Can available here.
– Protects and insulates circuit board traces
– For repairs or rework of solder masks and circuit boards
– Excellent finish-smooth, homogeneous, and durable
– Protects electronics from moisture, corrosion, fungus, and static discharges
– No hazardous air pollutants-free of toluene and xylene
– Comes in a variety of colours-blue, black, clear, green, and white
– F8Tack free in only 10-15 minutes

Weight 1.10 kg


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