The TT tapered Needle series is designed with a double helix thread and universal luer lock to provide secure connection to industrial syringes or dispense valves. The Double Helix TT Series Dispensing Tips are recommended for applications where dispensing medium and high-viscosity fluids with a high degree of precision and consistency is required. A smooth internal fluid path designed reduces turbulence flow, prevents air entrapment and fluid dripping caused by ”back pressure” built up. The flash free orifice ensures accurate and repeatable dispensing. The 27-gauge is available to make micro-dots dispensing possible.

Standard tapered tip series is made of Polyethylene with UV-light block additive and is silicone and chloride-free with a maximum operating pressure 100psi (6.9bar).

TT Tapered Needles are sold in pack of 50. These Dispensing Tips are 1.5 inch in length.

Below are our most popular needles.

– 914125-DHUV: 14 Gauge (Olive)
– 916125-DHUV: 16 Gauge (Grey)
– 918125-DHUV: 18 Gauge (Green)
– 920125-DHUV: 20 Gauge (Pink)
– 922125-DHUV: 22 Gauge (Blue)
– 925125-DHUV: 25 Gauge (Red)
– 927125-DHUV: 27 Gauge (Clear)

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Tapered Tip to prevent blockages
– Made of Polyethylene with UV-light block additive.
– Silicone and chloride-free
– Wide range of gauges
– Length 38mm (1.5 in.) – Length can be customised
– Supplied in packs of 50
– Maximum operating pressure is 100 psi (6.9 bar).

Technical Bulletin
Weight N/A

14 Gauge – Olive, 16 Gauge – Grey, 18 Gauge – Green, 20 Gauge – Pink, 22 Gauge – Blue, 25 Gauge – Red, 27 Gauge – Clear


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