The SolderStar PRO – Vapour Phase system allows users of batch and in-line vapour phase soldering machines to fully profile their products in the same way as a conventional reflow oven.

The system includes the SolderStar PRO data-logger combined with a sealed light-weight heat shield capable of operating in the pre-heat, vapour reflow and vacuum stages of the machine.

Data can be passed to a nearby PC via wireless telemetry allowing the profile to be viewed in real-time by the user.

Once data capture is complete the heat shield can be opened and the datalogger removed,allowing rapid cool down cycles and minimising the risk of overheating the profiling unit.

Key Products Features & Benefits:

– Standard data logger and heat shield solution maximised datalogger protection.
– Extendable for control of wave / selective or reflow soldering.
– Unique SmartLink connection system provides quick datalogger connection to a range of products and accessories.
– Low mass thermal shield provides minimal impact to process.
– Error free Wireless Telemetry with automatic offload and catchup ensure no gaps in data
– Extendable Wireless range > 100 Metres from machine.

Weight 2.20 kg


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