TSC SC4100 SAC0307 is a Lead-Free Solder Wire incorporating a 3.5% No Clean flux chemistry within the core and offers the operator excellent soldering results on many solderable surface finishes. SC3100 is designed specifically for Robotic Soldering applications, where high thermal demand is required, and rapid wetting & fast penetration is needed on PTH holes and surface mount terminations. SC4100 will allow fast and repeatable process cycles, whilst also with promoting improved tip life, offering low cost of ownership.

This part is a Tin/Lead/Silver Lead-Free Solder Wire, supplied in a variety of diameters on a 500g reel. SAC0307 is a low silver alloy which offers properties similar to industry standard alloy SAC305, but at a reduced cost of ownership.
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Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied in Tin/Silver/Copper SAC0307 (99/0.3/0.7) Alloy.
– Supplied on a 500g Reel
– Melting Temperature – 217 – 227°C
– No Clean Flux Formulation (3.5%)
– Excellent Wetting on all solderable surfaces.
– Very clear residues
– Designed to extend Solder Tip life.
– Fully REACH and RoHS Compliant.
– Very low acceptable odour.
– Comparable to SAC305 Lead Free Alloy
– Low Splatter at the solder joint interface
– Halogen and Halide Free as per EN14582.
– Meets J-STD-004B
– Flux Classification: ROL0

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