TSC SC3100 60/40 is a Leaded Solder Wire incorporating a 2.5% No Clean flux chemistry within the core and offers the operator excellent soldering results on many solderable surface finishes. SC3100 is designed for operator comfort there is little fume or odour evident during use and provides excellent wetting to a wide range of PCB finishes including HASL and OSP protective coatings.

This part is a Tin/Lead Leaded Solder Wire, supplied in a variety of diameters on a 500g reel. 60/40 is widely used across a range of Electronics & industrial processes, as it is ideal for all soldering applications involving brass and copper components due to the excellent flow, good wetting characteristics, provision of a strong joint and a bright finish to your solder joint.

To view this wire in other alloys including lead-free click here .

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied in Tin/Lead 60/40 Alloy.
– Supplied on a 500g Reel
– Melting Temperature – 183 – 188°C
– No Clean Flux Formulation (2.5%)
– Excellent Wetting and capillary action on all solderable surfaces.
– Very clear residues
– Very low acceptable odour.
– Halogen and Halide Free as per EN14582.
– Meets J-STD-004B
– Flux Classification: ROL0

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