Qualitek 737N is a neutral, Water-Soluble flux designed for wave soldering, surface mount assembly and through hole applications. The organic activating system in 737N has a neutral pH at room temperature and becomes.
activated at elevated soldering temperatures. 737N is formulated to be effective over a broad preheat range and may be used for both Tin-Lead and Lead-Free soldering applications.

Qualitek 737N flux is also available in bulk container sizes (10L), please contact our Sales Office for a quotation for these container sizes.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Available to purchase online in 1L containers. For larger container sizes contact our Sales Office.
– Flux Classification: ROM1
– Excellent foaming
– Non-corrosive residues
– Designed for Leaded solder systems
– Suitable for Dipping Applications
– Ideal for heavy ground plane designs . Suitable for Aerospace and Military Applications.
– 2 year shelf life from DOM

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