Qualitek 381 is a No Clean halide-free flux designed for both wave soldering and surface mount board assembly applications. The low solids content of 381 flux results in virtually no residue remaining on the boards after soldering. 381 No Clean flux may be used with both high temperature Lead-Free and Sn-Pb soldering processes. 381 flux has been designed to improve soldering performance by minimizing bridging and other solder defects.

381 Flux has been designed to work as a liquid soldering flux for both electrical wiring and electrical connectors together with being suitable for assembling components and switches on to printed circuit boards. This flux may have additional benefits for the model maker in that if you are using traditional flux cored solder wires and need a little additional flux activity to ensure good capillary action then a small drop goes a long way.

Qualitek 381 flux is also available in bulk container sizes (5L & 10L), please contact our Sales Office for a quotation for these container sizes.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Available to purchase online in a 125ml, 250ml & 1L containers. For larger container sizes contact our Sales Office.
– Flux Classification: ROL0
– Excellent wetting
– Low Residue
– Halide-Free
– Non-conductive/Non-corrosive residues
– Compatible with Lead-Free & Leaded Solder Systems
– 2 year shelf life from DOM

Weight N/A

10L, 125ml, 1L, 250ml, 5L


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