The MicroCare VOC-Free Flux Remover – UltraClean is a non-chlorinated, halogen-free, high-purity cleaning fluid, developed to clean rosin fluxes, “no-clean” fluxes and hard-to-clean lead-free solder pastes. It is the ideal cleaning fluid for perfectly clean printed circuit boards during assembly, manufacturing, rework, and repair. It is also suitable for use in cleaning fingerprints, moisture, light oxides, dust, and other airborne contamination frequently found on circuit boards that are returned for warranty or service work.

UltraClean is the strongest halogen-free flux remover on the market. It has low odour, medium cleaning strength and dries moderately fast. It is non-corrosive and dries with no residue; and no rinsing required.

The trigger spray allows easy single-handed operation. Dispense directly from the can or use with the MicroCare TriggerGrip cleaning system for faster, safer, and more economical process of cleaning printed circuit boards at the work bench. This option cuts cleaning costs by reducing fluid use by 66%.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied as 284g Aerosol. Other variations may be available on request.
– Use on rosin, no clean and water-based fluxes, and pastes
– Removes light oils and grease, organic residues, and ionic deposits
– Works as a stencil cleaner
– Head cleaner for recording systems
– Ideal for repair depots where a wide variety of components and materials are used
– 99.8% pure reagent grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for the purest quality cleaning

Weight 0.75 kg


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