With the plunger for syringes a wide variety of media can be dispensed without the use of compressed air. Metcal offer a range of manual dispensing solutions for this, where component parts are bought separately and put together individually.

The Manual Rubber Pistons are made of thermoplastic material and are available in an ungreased version or, for easier assembly, in a version with lubrication (LUB). Pistons and cartridges must be ordered separately. A range of piston sizes are available, supplied in packs of 50.
Below are our most popular Manual Syringe Pistons, others may be available on request. Syringe
can be purchased separately:

– 930-PRD: 30cc Rubber Piston
– 910-PRL: 10cc Rubber Piston (Lubricated)
– 930-PRL: 30cc Rubber Piston (Lubricated)

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Allows dispensing without the use of compressed air
– Available in ungreased or lubricated options
– Available in a range of sizes
– Piston only: Syringes purchased separately
– Made of thermoplastic
– Packs of 50

Weight N/A

10cc – Lubricated, 30cc – Dry, 30cc – Lubricated


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