Metcal Tip Caps are used to seal the end of a syringe barrel when not in use to prevent contamination or fluid loss. Tip caps are available in a Stand-Up option to enable syringes to be stood on their end, or a Double Helix option which is a standard screw cap.

Compatible Syringe Barrels , End Caps and Receiver Head Assembly are available.

A complete Syringe Assembly kit including Barrell & Piston is also available.

Below are our most popular tip caps.

– 900-BTC: Double Helix Thread (Black)
– 900-ORTC: Double Helix Thread (Orange)
– 900-STC: Stand Up Cap (Blue)

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Use to seal syringe barrel when not in use
– Fits all syringe sizes
– Two types available – Stand up to enable syringe to stand up right and the standard double helix thread.
– Made from polyethylene
– Supplied in packs of 50

Weight N/A

Double Helix – Black, Double Helix – Orange, Stand Up – Blue


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