Kisling ergo® 1910 Two Part Methacrylate Adhesive is suitable for bonding of metals like aluminium, steel, brass and its alloys as well as ferrite and a wide range of plastics and combinations of those materials.

It is a two-component, good flowing system and cures after mixing into a dry, high-strength and impact resisting polymer film. The best mixture-ratio is 1:1 by volume and can be obtainable without problems by using the supplied double-cartridges and the correct mixing nozzle. Pot life in the mixing tube is temperature dependant and can be down to 2.5 minutes.

Apply the mixed glue on one part and spread it carefully over the whole bonding area. Fit the parts together and hold them at least as long as 10 minutes to ensure a good bond. The product may be used also in bead on bead manner however in this case, cure speed and final strength may well be on a slightly lower level and should to be checked by the user in his real application.

This product must be used alongside 4472007 Helix Mixing Nozzle and 4472101 Dispensing Gun, which are sold separately. For further information see here.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Fast curing system.
– High tensile shear strength.
– Resists against impacts as well as again peeling.
– Good flowing behaviour.
– Good gap-filling behaviour up to 0,15 mm. ·
– Free of solvents. ·
– Short fixture times. ·
– Dry surface after short time.
– Product is a two part system consisting of ergo.® 1908 and ergo.® 1909

All ergo.® hazard-free adhesives and sealants bear the Kisling sustainability label. This label stands for highest quality, performance and sustainability in all phases of the product life cycle, from purchase to production and manufacturing to disposal.

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