Metcal offers several CV upgrade kits to expand the capabilities of your soldering system. The Metcal CV-UK7 Solder Wire Feeder upgrade kit includes an CV-H7-AV Wire Feeder Handpiece and an WS1 TipSaver Work stand . This upgrade kit is compatible with
CV-5200 Series Soldering Systems .

Metcal’s Solder Wire Feeder System adds control and convenience to your soldering process. The digital controls, high performance, and ability to handle multiple solder wire diameters, provide repeatability and functionality to your process.

CV-UK7 Upgrade Kit Includes:

CV-H7-AV Wire Feeder Handpiece
WS1 TipSaver Work stand
– USF-1000 Solder Wire Feeder
– USF-FTA-12 Feeder Tube Assembly (0.56 – 0.71mm Wire Dia.)
– USF-GTA-12 Guide Tube & Teflon Nozzle (1.2mm)
PCT-FS1 Footswitch
– 20237S S Clip (4 – 5.6mm)

Key Features & Benefits:

– Compatible with CV-5200 Series Soldering Systems
– Includes CV-H7-AV Wire Feeder Handpiece and WS1 TipSaver Work stand . Power supply not included.
CV-H7-AV Handpiece is compatible with CVC & SMC Cartridges
– Power Supply/Tips/Cartridges not included.
– Not recommended for use with the CV-500 Series

Weight 2.30 kg


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