The BTX-208 On Tip Fume Extraction System offers high performance extraction of solder fumes directly from the tip of any hand soldering iron and can be easily configured to form an extraction network for up to 8 workstations. The unit’s pre-filter is followed by a main filter offering HEPA efficiency exceeding 99.97% and an activated carbon filter to remove gases. Both pre and main filters can be changed independently to maximize the working life of each filter and lower the total cost of ownership.

To complement the fume extraction system, Metcal has developed a new plug-and-play ducting system, which offers a simple, flexible solution for faster configuration of tip extraction installations. The fume extraction system is a tip extraction unit with a high vacuum blower motor and a capacity for up to 8 workstations. The unit’s universal hose connection kit provides maximum flexibility and eliminates the need for a traditional layout and design of tip extraction ducting.

Iron adaptor Kits (AC-FX1) and Connection Kits not included.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Ideal for filtering all solder fumes.
– Easy configuration up to 8 benches.
– Complete portability.
– Plug and play easy to install ducting system.
– High performance tip extraction.
– Can be used with AC-FX1 Tip Extraction Kit
– <55dbA Noise rating
– >28LPM Flow rate per station

Weight 12.10 kg


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