The BH-2000 is a free-standing board holder that provides a solid and stable base for a variety of PCB’s. The unit features easily adjustable rails to accommodate boards 8? (203mm) wide and up to any length. This large board holder is designed with the MRS modular rework system in mind; However, its overall sturdy design allows it to adapt easily to many other applications.

The board is positioned off the work surface by 4 tapered pins allowing a forced air convection system to be positioned underneath. Ideal for both assembly and rework applications.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Board Holder measures 200mm x 250mm
– Accommodate boards 8? (203mm) wide
– Well-designed work piece holder.
– Allows for convection unit to be fitted underneath.
– Can be used for both assembly and rework procedures.
– For use with PCT-1000 heater

Weight 4.36 kg


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