MG Chemicals 8329TFF thermal epoxy glue is a 2-part, 1-1 system with a set time of only 15 minutes. It is a smooth off-white paste that cures to form a hard, durable polymer that is thermally conductive, yet electrically insulating. It is UL 94V-0 registered as flame retardant (UL File# E334302). It bonds well to metals, ceramics, glass, and most plastics used in electronic assemblies.

Thermal glue is often used to bond heatsinks to CPUs. It may also be used to glue heatsinks to LEDs and other electronic components, and in many other applications that require a fast setting, thermally conductive, electrically insulating adhesive.

This product is viscous, yet flowable enough to be dispensed from a syringe. The 50ml size may be used with a mixing tip when dispensing with a caulking gun or pressurized system.

This thermal glue has a 5-minute working time. We also offer a longer working time alternatives (8349TFM, 8329TFS), a heat-cure 1-part alternative (9460TC), and a non-thermally conductive high-strength version (9200FR). Electrically conductive adhesives, and thermal pastes are also available.

This product is supplied in 25ml and 45ml Syringes.

If you are looking for large quantities, please contact our Sales Office to discuss.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied in 25ml and 45ml Syringes.
– Thermal conductivity of 0.8 W/(m·K)
– 1:1 mix ratio
– Flame retardant – UL 94V-0 registered
– Working time: 5 minutes
– Set time: 15 minutes
– Provides strong electrical insulation
– Low CTE prior Tg
– High tensile and compressive strength
– Strong resistance to humidity, salt water, mild bases, and aliphatic hydrocarbons

Weight N/A

25ml, 45ml


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