MG Chemicals 4225 is a 2-part epoxy protective coating that conforms to a durable, tough, semi-flexible coating with an excellent finish. It protects against harsh chemicals, humidity, corrosion, oil, dirt, thermal shock, and abrasion. It also prevents high-voltage arcing, short circuits, and static discharges.

This circuit board epoxy coating is a promising choice where extreme physical and chemical resistance are required.

This product is supplied as a 2-part 1.35L Kit which is mixed at a 2:1 ratio.

If you are looking for large quantities, please contact our Sales Office to discuss.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied as a 2-part 1.35L Kit
– Certified IPC-CC-830C
– Dielectric Strength 566 V/mil
– Dielectric Withstand Voltage >1 500 V
– Service Temperature Range -40-140 ?C
– 2:1 mix ratio
– 4 hours working time
– Film Thickness 25-50 µm
– Ready to spray
– Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
– HAPS Free
– Fluoresces under UV-A light
– Suitable for use with selective coating equipment
– Protects against harsh chemicals, humidity, and corrosion
– Extreme resistance to oils, dirt, thermal shock, and abrasion
– Prevents high-voltage arcing, short circuits, and static discharges

Weight 1.90 kg


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