Ultraclean M2 is a general-purpose cleaning detergent, suitable for cleaning plastics, glass and metals within an Ultrasonic Bath or Tank. Ultraclean M2 is used in both healthcare for instrument decontamination and manufacturing industries for many different components. If processing aluminium or other soft metals, Ultraclean M2 would not be suitable. For these applications Ultraclean SA should be used.

Detergents are a vital component in the ultrasonic cleaning process. They reduce the surface tension in the liquid and enhance the ultrasonic activity within the tank. This aids in the removal and loosening of contamination from the surfaces of items that are being cleaned in the ultrasonic tank.

This product is supplied in a box size of 6 x 1L Containers or as a 25L Bulk Container Size. For a quotation, please contact our Sales Office

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Aqueous based product
– General purpose cleaning
– Improves surface tension & enhances ultrasonic performance
– Contains de-foaming agent
– Supplied as box of 6 x 1L or in 25L Bulk Containers


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