TSC PureCast Pb58/Bi42 Casting Alloy is a specialised casting alloy that offers a unique combination of properties suitable for a wide range of casting applications. This alloy, composed of 58% Lead and 42% Bismuth, is specifically designed to provide good detail on castings of varying sizes. It is characterized by excellent flow properties, making it ideal for capturing intricate designs and patterns with precision. The excellent malleability properties of PureCast Alloy Pb58/Bi42 allows you to easily shape and manipulate during the casting process, allowing for greater control and versatility in creating complex and detailed castings.

Additionally, this alloy can be plated to achieve different finishes and enhance its appearance, providing flexibility in achieving desired surface characteristics. One of the key features of PureCast Alloy Pb58/Bi42 is its ability to produce castings with a surface finish that is free from porosity. This results in a smooth and flawless final product, ensuring high-quality results in every casting. While the natural colour of the alloy is a matte grey, the surface finish can be further customized through polishing or plating processes to achieve the desired look. Overall, PureCast Alloy Pb58/Bi42 is a versatile casting alloy that offers good detail, excellent flow properties, malleability, and a surface finish free from porosity. Its unique composition and properties make it a valuable material for craftsmen and artists looking to create high-quality castings with intricate designs.

Please note this product is sold per the kilogram and is supplied in Tinman Stick format. Each stick weighs approx. 250g (weight per stick may vary).

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied in Tinman Stick Format weighing approximately 250g (Sold by KG)
– Ideal for casting Jewellery designs
– Excellent fine detail capabilities.
– Offers good flow properties.
– Matt Grey surface finish
– Will accept a plated finish.
– Low Temperature Melt Point 168°C
– Working Temperature 220-230°C
– Density 10.7gm / cm3
– Contains Lead

Weight 1.10 kg


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