Metcal’s MX-H6-HTD High Thermal Demand Handpiece, compatible with MX Series Soldering Systems. The MX-H6-HTD High Thermal Demand handpiece transforms your MX-5200 Series Soldering System Power Supply into a powerhouse. Ideal for applications with high thermal loads, such as dense boards, without damaging components. MX-H6-HTD reduces the risk of prolonged soldering contact and improves time to manufacture while maintaining the comfort of the sleek and ergonomic handpiece that you’re used to. Metcal’s HTD solution provides a boost in performance by more effectively delivering thermal energy to the most demand loads.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Compatible with MX Series Soldering Systems
– Improved temperature control: Metcal’s Smart Heat means lower risk of overshooting delicate components
– Very fast heat up enables users to reach the next task even faster
– Ergonomic, lightweight handpiece keeps users comfortable, even on large industrial jobs
– Ergonomic easy-to-grip handle
– MX-H6-HTD handpiece is compatible with HTC Cartridges
– Cartridges not included.

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