Kisling ergo® 1039 Gel Adhesive is a toughened and medium viscous adhesive, which is suitable for all applications, where good resistance against impact, peeling and possibly long term vibration may be seen. This gel adhesive shows excellent strength on metals, ceramics and glass and resists against a wide range of changing climatic conditions. It is a two component adhesive that needs the Ergo 1090 accelerator which gives the adhesive a fast complete cure within seconds.

Usage Instructions: Depending on the gap, the accelerator ergo.® 1090 has to be applied as a uniform film on only one or, if the gap is >0,5mm, even on both parts The accelerator consists out of 100% reactive substance and shall not evaporate. A sufficient amount of ergo.® 1039 must be applied and the parts must be joined immediately. Join the part immediately (latest after 10 minutes), fix them and do not move them before the fixture time (30 seconds) has passed.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– High resistance against impact and peeling
– Good long-term resistance against thermal cycles
– Good gap-filling properties up to 0,50 mm
– May be used on vertical areas (does not flow)
– Solvent free, 100% reactive substance
– Fast and total curing with accelerator

All ergo.® hazard-free adhesives and sealants bear the Kisling sustainability label. This label stands for highest quality, performance and sustainability in all phases of the product life cycle, from purchase to production and manufacturing to disposal.

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