DxP-CN4 are a range of 1.02mm Desolder Tip for use with the MFR Series Soldering System. The Metcal DxP Cartridges are for use with the MFR-H5-DS Desoldering handpiece. DxP tips are for desoldering through-hole components on thermally demanding boards.

Fixed temperature cartridges and tips offer users a fully safe and thermally effective solution to their lead-free soldering needs as well as complete process control. SmartHeat® technology is unique in that it senses the specific thermal demand directly at the solder pad and delivers the precise quantity and flow of thermal energy during both flux activation and intermetallic bonding phases without any adjustment and calibration.

DxP-CN4 is available in two specifications, dependant on application. The second digit denotes substrate material (damage tolerance):

F Series – Max Temperature: 421°C – FR4 / Fiberglass for Most Standard Applications (DFP-CN4)
C Series – Max Temperature: 471°C – For Ceramic & High Thermal Demand (DCP-CN4)

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– 1.02 mm Diameter
– 2.28 mm Length
– Style – Desolder Tip
– Available in two specifications, dependant on temperature/application.
– For use with MFR-H5-DS handpiece

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