The CV-W4PT is a TipSaver Solder Work stand for use with Metcal CV Series Soldering Systems. The CV-W4PT is designed to hold Tweezer Handpieces and is compatible with Metcal’s CV-H4-PTZ Precision Tweezer Hand Piece & CV-H4-UFT Ultrafine Tweezer Hand Piece. This work stand has a ‘TipSaver’ function which improves tip life by reducing the power to the handpiece when placed in the work stand. The work stand is supplied with a soft, coiled brass tip cleaner (AC-BP) and a yellow sponge (AC-YS3).

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Compatible with CV Series Soldering Systems
– Improves tip life by reducing the Power to the handpiece when placed in the work stand- Comes with yellow sponge and brass pad to clean the tip/cartridge
– An adjustable angle cradle allows operators to select and lock the preferred angle for tool placement.
– Work stand only.

Weight 1.32 kg


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