4200UV is a 1-part, UL 746E and IPC CC 830 certified UV curable conformal coating formulated for rapid cure upon exposure to UV light. It is a low viscosity coating that retains high fluorescence after curing for ease of inspection, curing to a smooth, glass-like finish. The coating contains a secondary moisture cure mechanism that allows for curing in shadowed areas.

This UV conformal coating is a cost-effective option for large volume projects where both fast turnaround and higher throughput are required. It creates a rugged barrier protecting circuits from humidity, corrosion, fungus, dust, thermal shock, and high voltage arcing.

This product is supplied in a 945ml Can..

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied in a 945ml Can.
– Certified UL746E
– Certified IPC-CC-830C
– Secondary moisture cure for shadowed areas
– Low viscosity, works well with automated dispensing equipment
– Maintains high fluorescence after curing

Weight 1.10 kg


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