BOFA’s T30A Multi Tip Extraction System is a high vacuum, on-tip extraction unit for solder fume.

The T30A is a centralised ducted extractor, powerful enough to handle up to 30 operators. Tip extraction is designed to remove & filter fumes and debris generated during hand soldering, via a stainless-steel tube mounted directly on to the soldering iron. Due to the high concentration of fumes output from 30 operators, this system has been designed to be as compact as possible without impacting it’s efficient filtering capabilities. The T30A tip extractor also incorporates a facility for retaining a high concentration of particulate within the filter enclosure. The system also includes a built-in silencer, which has a collar to allow redirection or external exhaust venting.

The BOFA T30A a centralised, multi-user extractor, suitable for use with up to 30 operators/extraction points. The BOFA T30A is ideally suited for soldering iron tip extraction and may also be suitable for vac pens and any application requiring proximity, such as micro extraction. It uses BOFA’s recirculating filtration technology to remove contaminates and return clean air to the workplace. Automatic flow control comes as standard. This allows the unit to be set to the optimum flow rate to suit the number of operators connected to the system. The unit will then maintain the set airflow over the life of the filters.

Unit Only System (P/N: 106582-1331) Contains:
– T30A Stainless Steel Extractor Unit
BOFA Pre-Filter (A1030093) and Combined HEPA/Gas Filter (A1030399)

Soldering Iron Adaptor Kit sold separately. A replacement Motor/Pump is also available (A1050025).

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Requires centralised ducting
– Suitable for extracting both Leaded & Lead-Free Solder Fumes
– Suitable for up to 30 operators/extraction points.
– High Vacuum Pumps
– Three Stage Filtration
– Automatic flow control & reverse flow
– Compact Design
– Built in silencer for low noise level
– Uses both a BOFA Pre-Filter (A1030093) & Combined HEPA/Gas Filter (A1030399)
– Complies with HSE and COSHH requirements
– Stainless Steel Finish

Weight N/A

Unit Only


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