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Metcal MFR-1100 Replacement Power Supply

Replacement Single Output Soldering & Rework Power Supply for use with Metcal MFR-1100 Soldering Series. Hand piece & Workstand not included - Power supply only.

£ 169.00

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Metcal CV/MFR/MX Soldering Work Stand - WS1

Auto-Sleep Solder Workstand for Metcal's CV, MFR & MX Series. Compatible with Metcal handpieces including CV-H7-HTD, CV-H7-AV, MFR-H1-SC2, MFR-H2-ST2, MX-RM3E and MX-H1-AV hand-pieces

£ 58.40

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Metcal MFR Soldering Cartridge Hand-Piece - MFR-H1-SC2

New Style Metcal Soldering cartridge hand-piece for Metcal MFR Series Systems. Fits a comprehensive range of soldering and rework cartridges including  fine-access soldering, SMD rework and pad clean-up blade tips


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Metcal Soft Brass Brush

Metcal AC-BRUSH is a Small brass brush for cleaning tips and cartridges.

£ 11.00

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Metcal Soft Brass Brush (Pack of 6)

Metcal's AC-BRUSH-P is a 6 pack of small brass brushes for cleaning tips and cartridges.

£ 50.70

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Metcal PS-900 Lead-Free Workstand - WS2G

Metcal Green Auto-Sleep Workstand for use with Metcal PS Series Soldering System. The Metcal Workstand has a insert with a magnetic core which allows the tip to return to idle at a lower temperature reducing oxide build up and  prolonging tip life.

£ 28.60

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Metcal MFR Green Auto Sleep Workstand

Green Auto-Sleep Solder Workstand for Metcal MFR Series. Compatible with Metcal MFR-H1-SC, MFR-H2-ST2 hand-pieces. Green Cradle to identify lead-free applications.

£ 58.40

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Metcal Replacement Workstand Sponge (AC-Y10)

Metcal AC-Y10 is a rectangular yellow sponge for use on all Metcal CV, MX and MFR rectangular work-stands. Ideal for cleaning the soldering tip when hand soldering. It is recommended that distilled water is used to further prolong tip life.

£ 19.10

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Metcal Soldering Workstation Sponge (AC-YS4)

Metcal AC-YS4 Circular yellow sponge for use on Metcal PS-900's WS2 round workstand. 

£ 18.10

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Metcal Work Stand Brass Pad (Pack of 10)

Metcal AC-BP Brass pad compatible with all Metcal MX, MFR and PS workstands. Effectively removes the oxide and fluxes from the solder tip both before and after soldering.

£ 8.64

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Metcal Cartridge Removal Pad (AC-CP2)

Metcal AC-CP2 Heat proof pad to help safely and quickly removing a tip or a cartridge from the hand-piece.

£ 6.39

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