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Metcal BVX-101 - Single User Fume Extraction

The Metcal BVX-101 is a single user, PRE-HEPA-GAS volume extraction system designed to be used directly on the workbench. This Metcal unit is designed with an innovative adaptor which allows the user to choose between plenum or arm extraction options.

We recommend that the Pre-filter is inspected monthly and replaced if necessary to ensure a good life for the main filter and to prevent over heating of the extraction motor.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • ´╗┐Portable, single user fume extraction system
  • Low noise unit
  • No external ducting or compressor needed
  • Unit easily fits on any bench-top or under-bench
  • 12” wide (300mm) plenum
  • Innovative adaptor transforms the plenum into an arm 
  • Powerful 85m3/hr-airflow rate
  • Immediate extraction of fumes, particles and vapors
  • Two filtration configurations: heavy soldering and light dust or light duty organic solvent and adhesive applications
  • Bi-coloured LED light indicates when the filters are blocked and require replacing


Product Number : BVX-101

£ 434.00

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Q - How often should l change my filters?
A - The BVX unit has both prefilters and a main filter. Depending on use we recommend that the pre- filters are inspected and changed if neccasary every month. The main filter will need to be changed every 9 to 12 months.

Q - My main reason for extraction will be for solder fumes, which filter system should l use?
A - The BVX extraction range of equipment is primarily designed for solder fume filtration which incorporates a HEPA filter with a small amount of activated carbon to neutralise odours before retuning to the work place.

Q - I would like to find a filtration system that would be suitable for use with conformal coating applications when used on a bench?
A - The BVX range of filtration systems 103, 103S and 203,203S are designed for solvent extraction. This unit is fitted with a Deep Bed Gas Filter which will absorb and neutralise a wide range of solvents.

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