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Toe Grounders (TG2)

Elasticated, non-marking Toe Grounder incorporating a 1 meg-ohm safety resistor. Fully adjustable. 

Constructed  using a two layer rubber sheet, insulative white and Conductive black,  attached to ¾” elastic garter, with one meg ohm Resistor and conductive  tab, assembled with plastic connectors and Hook and loop tape for  adjustable feature. Rubber is punched with Flat washer to the plastic  connector through ultrasonic sealing.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Soft 2 layer rubber material
  • Built-in 1MΩ resistor
  • Black Rubber Surface Conductivity - 8 x 104ohms
  • White Rubber Surface Conductivity - 1 x 1012ohms
  • Conductive Tab Conductivity - 160ohms/inch (max)
  • Metal film resistor Conductivity: 1 meg ohm+20%


Product Number : TG2

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