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Quick Release Heel Strap (HS2QR)

Quick Release ESD Heel Straps are constructed using 2 pieces of two-layered rubber sheet, insulative white and conductive black, forming heel cup, assembled to plastic connector with built-in 1MΩ resistor joined in series with the conductive tab and assembled with ¾ garter. Adjustable using plastic quick release clip..

All heel straps are produced using a soft 2 layer rubber material. (Black conductive on the outside and white on the inside to avoid any  shoe  marking). All have 1 meg-ohm safety resistor as standard.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Soft 2 layer rubber material
  • Quick Release - No velcro
  • Built-in 1MΩ resistor
  • Adjustable 
  • Black Rubber Surface Conductivity - 8 x 104ohms
  • White Rubber Surface Conductivity - 1 x 1012ohms
  • Conductive Tab Conductivity - 160ohms/inch (max)
  • Metal film resistor Conductivity: 1 meg ohm+20%


Product Number : HS2QR

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