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Vinyl Work Bench ESD Matting (VBLM)

Standard Vinyl Workbench ESD mat. Maximum Rolls size - 1.2m x 15m. Three layer  static-dissipative work surface matting, with a 10mm stud in each corner.  (106 - 109 ohms / square). 3mm  thick. Can be supplied in any cut sizes.  Available in blue or grey.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Superior static-dissipative work surface mat.
  • Designed to protect bench, components and operatives.
  • Three   layer construction: Solid  vinyl  top  surface  and  foam  base. Buried   conductive  middle  layer  for  superior ESD protection.
  • Very good lay flat properties
  • Easy wipe clean surface


Product Number : VBLM10