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Ultralube ULL

ULL is a long-term, high performance dry lubricant with anti-static properties thus helps to prevent dust build up. It is suitable for use on mechanical assemblies in regular use for lubricating sprocket wheels, ball races, gears and axles, for example. It may also be used for cleaning and lubricating gold contacts on edge connectors and for cleaning and protecting relays, particularly from silicone contamination. After evaporation of solvent, ULL is non flammable and can be used over an extremely wide operating temperature range.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • Tenacious long lasting and non staining lubricant
  • Suitable for use on printer mechanisms, etc.
  • Can be used as an edge connector lubricant, particularly for gold contacts
  • Can be used as a silicone inhibit for relays, etc.


Prod. No. ULL200D
Ultralube 200ml

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